The Family Dog ......Cloud

Cloud.... The family pet. Pomeranian mixed with a Sheltie Cloud can be quite the handful at all times LOL! I wanted to share some of clouds crazy antics that I sure will have you leaving this page with a smile. There's so many good and bad times I can share with with pup who will be a year old in October. Dubbed with a nickname, "Captain Crazy", Cloud has done it all.

For one, Cloud will eat any and everything including the "Dust Bunnies" that you may find in the corner of hardwood floors. Cloud is a pretty fast pup that doesn't know how to slow down sometimes which causes him to crash into the glass sliding door!

Not to mention sometimes..well how can I say it....? Cloud is a certified pantie sniffer. There has been plenty of times where Cloud has been busted "Deep Sea Diving" into my fiance's under panties LOL. A Freaky pup indeed. Panties aren't the only items. Socks. Once Cloud get em' you might as well get another pair. Clouds a lovable do though and I do love him but he can drive me crazy at times.



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LoneWolf said...

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