Why are you staring at me?

At the docs office, I've noticed a few people give me funny looks like I'm the foreign one. I feel the spotlight heating up but ignored the situation. Why must people stare like I've just announced, "Worlds worst criminal". By all means I'm not a criminal, no record here, my point is....Why stare? I get the fact that those who have vision can look wherever you please but to stare....its down right annoying. Just venting but it makes for a good discussion. How would you handle or how do you feel when people stare at you for long amounts of time?



econtatto said...

I feel totally out of place, but at the same time try to do the same and I put in embarrassment watching in the same way.
See you soon Lonewolf

Mke from lookartv.blogspot.com

Harry Nizam H. said...

Hi there,
I would probably be the same like you, maybe give a smile

Mrs. Nichols said...

Well for me, it depends on why they're staring. If it's because they're admiring something about me, I'd be flattered. But if I have something on my lip or in my nose and they're just gawking at it, I'd flip out.

I can't stand when people stare at something on me and don't tell me that it's there! I've gone through entire conversations and with a crumb or some particle of food on my face and nobody said a thing! Super scandalous!

By the way, thanks for the comment. I'm feeling much better not:)