Colin Powell on Gates: “You Don’t Argue With A Police Officer”

Mediaite has obtained a transcript from former Sec. of State Colin Powell’s interview on CNN’s Larry King Live tonight, in which Powell comments on the Professor Gates story, as well as Sarah Palin and more.

He seems to take Sergeant Crowley’s side in the Gates situation.

Says Powell:

I would say, the first teaching point is when you’re faced with an officer trying to do his job and get to the bottom of something. This is not the time to get in an argument with him. I was taught that as a child. You don’t argue with a police officer. In fact, in our schools today, in order to make sure that we don’t have things escalate out of control and lead to very unfortunate situations, we tell our kids, when you’re being asked something by a police officer, being detained by a police officer, cooperate. If you don’t like what happened, or if you think that you have been exposed to something that’s racist or prejudicial or something that’s wrong, then you make a complaint afterwards and you sue him.

Later in the interview, Powell continues:

I think he should have reflected on whether or not this was the time to make that big a deal. But, he’s just home from China, just home from New York. All he wanted to do was get to bed… But I still think that it might well have been resolved in a different manner if we didn’t have this verbal altercation between the two of them…So, my first teaching point for young people, especially, not for Dr. Gates, that the young people, especially, is, when the police are looking into something, and if you’re involved in it in one way or another, cooperate. Don’t make the situation more difficult. And I think in this case, the situation was made more difficult.

The interview, which airs in full tonight, is sure to get a lot of attention and replay on the cable and broadcast networks. Powell’s comments about being racially profiled himself, Palin (who he calls a “fascinating figure”) and Rush Limbaugh (check out some of those here) will resonate.

After 9-year cookie ban, US Government wants to start tracking you online again

Nine years ago, the Office of Management and Budget issued a directive banning Federal agencies from dropping cookies on visitors' computers. On Friday, the White House called for public discussion about whether that policy should continue. Whether you see that as a nod to improved privacy protections and a smarter userbase, or sigh at the encroachments tracking tech has made in a decade, is perhaps a matter of perspective.

The announcement, blogged on the
White House site by federal CIO Vivek Kundra and OMB associate administrator for information and regulatory affairs Michael Fitzpatrick and reproduced nearly verbatim in the proposal's listing in the Federal Register (PDF available), says that the point of the policy review is "to develop a new policy that allows the Federal Government to continue to protect the privacy of people who visit Federal websites while, at the same time, making these websites more user-friendly, providing better customer service, and allowing for enhanced web analytics."

The proposal describes a three-tiered system for deploying Web tracking tech on Federal sites -- one single-session option and two multi-session options, one focused strictly on analytics and one with a broader scope. The proposal acknowledges that the more comprehensive option may have higher privacy risks and states that there would be other, more stringent restrictions on those tracking mechanisms.

On the OMB blog
(where the piece is cross-posted) the high level of discourse indicate that someone's probably moderating (at least lightly) the comments on this proposal. That said, response there is varying.

Some commenters within government have questions about first- and third-party trackers. (Respondents seemed to be fairly negative about the latter possibility.) Other commenters want to know if the analytics data might be made public, in the spirit of transparency. One noted that opt-in, not the proposal's opt-out, is preferable to many privacy-conscious folk.

Commenter "Paul Kincaid," who identifies himself as a security professional, raises the question of authentication. Meanwhile "Jeffrey Chester," speaking for the Center for Digital Democracy, asks why the comment period is so short and calls for a "serious public debate" on the matter, and dismisses persistent cookies out of hand -- drawing some ultra-polite heat from respondent and federal consultant Kochukoshy Cheruvettolil, who suggests that perhaps "the Center for Digital Democracy can provide some positive input on this issue rather than raise the usual concerns which I admit are valid but for which solutions need to be found."

Comments will be accepted through August 10, and may be submitted via email or fax, or through either of two sites listed in the Federal Register.

And it starts....Watch how many people stop downloading illegal stuff but then again..Im pretty sure most won't stop.


The Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive behavior which may indicate the presence of sex addiction. Developed in cooperation with hospitals, treatment programs, private therapists, and community groups, the SAST provides a profile of responses which help to discriminate between addictive and non-addictive behavior. Before starting the assessment we need basic information in order to build your profile.

Please indicate gender:
Male Female

Indicate Orientation:
Heterosexual Bi-sexual Homosexual

Please check any of the following which apply:

I have no concerns about my sexual behavior but am curious how I would score.
I have no concerns about my sexual behavior but others are concerned.
I am having problems with my sexual behavior but do not consider myself a "sex addict".
I know I am a sex addict.
I have sought therapy because of my sexual problems.

To complete the test, answer each question by placing a check in the appropriate yes/no column.

1. Were you sexually abused as a child or adolescent? Yes No
2. Did your parents have trouble with sexual behavior? Yes No
3. Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts? Yes No
4. Do you feel that your sexual behavior is not normal? Yes No
5. Do you ever feel bad about your sexual behavior? Yes No
6. Has your sexual behavior ever created problems for you and your family? Yes No 7. Have you ever sought help for sexual behavior you did not like? Yes No
8. Has anyone been hurt emotionally because of your sexual behavior? Yes No
9. Are any of your sexual activities against the law? Yes No
10. Have you made efforts to quit a type of sexual activity and failed? Yes No
11. Do you hide some of your sexual behaviors from others? Yes No
12. Have you attempted to stop some parts of your sexual activity? Yes No
13. Have you felt degraded by your sexual behaviors? Yes No
14. When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterwards? Yes No
15. Do you feel controlled by your sexual desire? Yes No
16. Have important parts of your life (such as job, family, friends, leisure activities) been neglected because you were spending too much time on sex? Yes No
17. Do you ever think your sexual desire is stronger than you are? Yes No
18. Is sex almost all you think about? Yes No
19. Has sex (or romantic fantasies) been a way for you to escape your problems? Yes No
20. Has sex become the most important thing in your life? Yes No
21. Are you in crisis over sexual matters? Yes No
22. Has the Internet created sexual problems for you? Yes No
23. Do you spend too much time online for sexual purposes? Yes
24. Have you purchased services online for erotic purposes (sites for dating, pornography, fantasy and friend finder)? Yes No
25. Have you used the Internet to make romantic or erotic connections with people online? Yes No
26. Have people in your life been upset about your sexual activities online? Yes No
27. Have you attempted to stop your online sexual behaviors? Yes No
28. Have you subscribed to or regularly purchased or rented sexually explicit materials (magazines, videos, books or online pornography)? Yes No
29. Have you been sexual with minors? Yes No
30. Have you spent considerable time and money on strip clubs, adult bookstores and movie houses? Yes No
31. Have you engaged prostitutes and escorts to satisfy your sexual needs? Yes No 32. Have you spent considerable time surfing pornography online? Yes No
33. Have you used magazines, videos or online pornography even when there was considerable risk of being caught by family members who would be upset by your behavior? Yes No
34. Have you regularly purchased romantic novels or sexually explicit magazines? Yes No
35. Have stayed in romantic relationships after they became emotionally or physically abusive? Yes No
36. Have you traded sex for money or gifts? Yes No
37. Have you maintained multiple romantic or sexual relationships at the same time? Yes No
38. After sexually acting out, do you sometimes refrain from all sex for a significant period? Yes No
39. Have you regularly engaged in sadomasochistic behavior? Yes No
40. Do you visit sexual bath-houses, sex clubs or adult video/bookstores as part of your regular sexual activity? Yes No
41. Have you engaged in unsafe or "risky" sex even though you knew it could cause you harm? Yes No
42. Have you cruised public restrooms, rest areas or parks looking for sex with strangers? Yes No
43. Do you believe casual or anonymous sex has kept you from having more long-term intimate relationships? Yes No
44. Has your sexual behavior put you at risk for arrest for lewd conduct or public indecency? Yes No
45. Have you been paid for sex?

I'm a sex addict because I think of and want sex nearly every damn minute of the day.

Don't need no damn test, what I need is a cure!!! Just Kidding

My New Blog

What's going to my fellow Bloggers out there just wanted to point your attention to a New Blog I just recently launched. Its a Adult site so if its not for you then don't enter or click on any on the links...just a fare warning LOL.

Check it out heres the Link!

Iverson's future with Grizzlies in limbo

Suddenly, another power forward has become available on the unrestricted free-agent landscape -- and it could impact Allen Iverson's chances of possibly playing for the Memphis Grizzlies next season.

That power forward is Hakim Warrick, who was taken by surprise Thursday night when the Grizzlies rescinded their $3 million qualifying offer to him to give themselves more flexibility on the free-agent market.

The 27-year-old former Syracuse standout averaged 11.6 points and five rebounds last season when he shared time with Darrell Arthur at power forward, but Memphis acquired Zach Randolph earlier this summer to play that position, making Warrick both expendable and expensive.

Warrick will remain on Memphis' cap for the time being at $6.2 million -- 300 percent of his salary last season -- but the Grizzlies could move about $9 million below the cap if they formally renounce their rights to him or move him in a sign-and-trade deal.

It remained to be seen whether the move meant the Grizzlies were ready to resume discussions with Iverson, who was offered a one-year contract by Memphis earlier this summer and whose box-office appeal is said to be a selling point with owner Michael Heisley.

"I'm not a guy who says things automatically cannot happen, because funny things can start to happen in free agency. We haven't closed the door on anybody. It would be premature to do that," Grizzlies general manager Chris Wallace told "We like Hakim and felt he contributed, but we wanted a little more flexibility going forward in free agency."

Another of Warrick's Grizzlies teammates, Rudy Gay, said he spoke with Warrick on the telephone Friday morning before Team USA's minicamp practice.

"I'm not quite sure what's going on. Not only was Hakim by teammate, he was one of my good friends on the team, so it's going to be tough to play without him, but this is a business," Gay said. "I spoke to him this morning, and he basically said he's moving on. He explained it to me, and I basically gave him my blessing.

"I'm not really quite sure where we're going right now, but I'm pretty sure by the time the season starts we'll have a better idea," Gay said.

Warrick's agent, Bill Duffy, said he had already been contacted by five teams with interest in Warrick by Friday afternoon, though he would not disclose them.

"This was a directive from the owner. It came down from the top, and it is consistent with the cost-cutting measures going on across the NBA," Duffy told "Eighty percent of the NBA teams, their focus now is economic."

Several NBA executives were caught unaware of the move, learning about it as they attended Team USA's mini-camp in Las Vegas.

The same was true for one of Warrick's now-former teammates, O.J. Mayo.

"If it's to make room for Allen Iverson, I definitely think we're making a step forward," Mayo said, "and as a young player in my second year in the league I definitely gets me excited that we're going the right way and making some good choices for the organization."

Iverson's agent, Leon Rose, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Wow AI...... I've always liked this cat even when he was playing in college for George Town. I think with the right team he can do damage but unfortunately I thought this 5 Years ago. This will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Clowning Around

Enjoy..... A Vid of me acting a Stone Cold Fool LOL.

Stay Tuned There Will be more!

This World is Stone Cold Crazy!!

A Denver police officer has been suspended after allegedly brandishing his gun at a McDonald's restaurant in Aurora after his order took too long to fill.

Aurora police confirmed the CBS4 investigation saying the incident occurred May 21 at the McDonald's at 18181 East Hampden Avenue.

A spokesperson for the Aurora Police Department said they plan to present the case -- now classified as a felony menacing incident -- to the Arapahoe County District Attorney's Office Thursday for possible filing of criminal charges.

Sources familiar with the case, and the fast food worker's account of what happened, say two off-duty Denver police officers placed an order from their car in the early morning hours of May 21. But once at the drive through window, the employee said the men became agitated and angry at how long their food was taking. The men thought they were being ignored, according to contacts familiar with the worker's account. The male clerk then said one of the officer's flashed his police badge and
pointed a pistol through the drive through window in a threatening manner, before driving off without paying.

Both officers are assigned to Denver International Airport although only one has been placed on administrative leave with pay, pending the outcome of the case.

What a catch 22

This morning I was reading an article about the health care overhaul; and I must say that it made no kind of sense whatsoever. There was so many conflicting sides of the issue that I felt like I was on a reading Merry-go-round. Some want to include abortions in the package and others feel that it should not be included nor should taxpayers money go towards abortions. Here is where the big huh come in at; the Supreme Court established a woman's right to abortion but the government wont use any of its money to pay for the abortion; yet the government is more than willing to pay for women who are having 4 or more kids with no way of supporting them or allowing taxpayers dollar to be used for these women. What they are trying to do is set up an exchange program that will allow individuals and businesses to get the same or similar coverage as major companies. Government subsidies will be available for those making 4 times the legal poverty level.
The current system is as follows: 90% of private health care insurers will pay while the government pays nothing. A separate lawmaker group wrote a letter to Pelosi saying that a compromise needs to be made stating that let those who are going to participate in the exchange decide if they want to cover it and let the government not pay. The issue with that is - its the exact same set up that's going on now. Again a confusing battle that makes no sense and contradicts every word before the previous. What I dint understand is how can you say that your going to set up a program that gives individuals and businesses the same or similar coverage as those who work for large companies but you want to pick and choose which coverage they can get; ifs that the case then why even start a program why not leave things as it is now and let those who are struggling continue to struggle?
Something else that plagues me with this whole health care overhaul is the fact that they are spending so much time on just this 1 aspect of it all. what about the younger crowd with the economy the way that it is and those who do have health coverage the the government you only have the bare necessities office visits E.R. coverage if its an emergency and meds no eye or dental most importantly no birth contraceptives. If your under 21 and have coverage through the government then your fully covered the works....and they wonder why people are wanting abortion to be covered.

Steve McNair had a blood-alcohol level 2x TN legal limit 4 driving when he was killed

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Authorities say former NFL star Steve McNair had a blood-alcohol level twice Tennessee's legal limit for driving when his girlfriend shot him to death.

Tennessee Assistant Medical Examiner Feng Li said Monday that a toxicology report showed a trace amount of marijuana in the body of Sahel Kazemi. Police say the 20-year-old Kazemi shot McNair July 4 in a Nashville condo before killing herself.

Police say McNair was likely asleep when he was shot twice in the head and twice in the chest.

Li said there was no way to tell from the report how long before McNair's death he had been drinking.

Kazemi was arrested for drunken driving in Nashville two days before the shooting. Police video of the arrest showed her telling the officer that she was high

Google Says Mobile App Stores Have No Future

Apple’s iPhone App Store may be a resounding success. But Google says app stores are a dead end.

Sour grapes? Maybe. It’s no coincidence that Google has placed its money on web-based applications, for its mobile Android operating system as well as its forthcoming Chrome OS.

Vic Gundotra, Google’s engineering vice president and developer evangelist, said on Friday at the Mobilebeat conference in San Francisco that the future of the mobile industry lies in web-based applications, rather than native software coded to run on specific smartphone operating systems.

“Many, many applications can be delivered through the browser and what that does for our costs is stunning,” Gundotra was quoted in a
Financial Times report. “We believe the web has won and over the next several years, the browser, for economic reasons almost, will become the platform that matters and certainly that’s where Google is investing.”

Ever since
Java emerged in the 1990s, the tech industry has debated whether software would shift from native programs sitting on a hard drive (like Microsoft Office) toward web-based applications accessible through a browser (like Google Docs). Developed by Sun Microsystems, Java is a cross-platform environment that many web-based applications use today, albeit “in the cloud” — on central servers — rather than in the browser. One big benefit of cloud-based, web-centric applications is that users can access the apps and their personal data from any computer using a browser.

However, while
Google’s internet software suite is certainly popular, web-based apps are far from winning, said Michael Gartenberg, technology strategist of Interpret. He noted that Apple’s App Store, which serves 65,000 third-party apps and has attracted over 1.5 billion downloads and 100,000 developers, is a testament for strong consumer and developer interest in native applications.

“It’s odd that Google feels the need to position as one versus the other,” Gartenberg said. “That’s last century thinking.”

Gartenberg pointed out that many iPhone apps are native and web-based at the same time. That’s because a lot of the apps download or share data via the internet. And it’s beneficial for the apps to be native, because that way they’re programmed to specifically take advantage of the iPhone’s processor, graphic accelerator and other hardware features.

“It’s not about web applications or desktop applications but integrating the internet in the cloud into these applications that are on both my phone and the PC,” Gartenberg said. “Ultimately, it’s about offering the best of both worlds to create the best experience for consumers — not forcing them to choose one or the other.”

Gartenberg highlighted social networking service Twitter as an example. The Twitter service exists on the internet, and yet most users prefer reading their feeds and posting tweets with a native application rather than visiting in a browser, Gartenberg said.

Raven Zachary, an analyst and president of iPhone strategist firm Small Society, also disagreed with Google’s assessment. He said that the App Store makes it clear that native apps are proving a better experience for consumers. When Apple released the original iPhone in 2007, the company offered no software developer kit for the smartphone and told developers to make web-based apps. However, web-based apps proved unpopular among developers, and the iPhone didn’t explode in popularity until its App Store and the second-generation iPhone 3G launched in 2008.
“It’s pretty clear that native apps and on-phone distribution are by far the most efficient and compelling ways to have consumer apps,” Zachary said.

And speaking technically, Zachary pointed out that there will always be fundamental challenges with coding apps purely for the web: Not all hardware will be optimized to run the software. Different phones possess different screen resolutions, for example, meaning some apps would load better on certain phones than others. And other than that, a web-based app can’t take full advantage of a specific phone’s powers if it’s coded to work in a cross-platform environment.

Loren Brichter, developer of the popular iPhone Twitter application
Tweetie, can vouch for the technical challenges lying ahead for web-based mobile programming. He said he’s been trying to code apps using the Palm Pre’s webOS software development kit, which involves programming in JavaScript and CSS.

“The Pre’s SDK is painful to work with because JavaScript is so clumsy,” Brichter said.
He added that web technology is not improving quickly enough to fulfill Google’s prophecy of web apps winning in the near future.

“The progress of web technologies is going so slow,” Brichter said. “With HTML5, they can’t even decide on a video format…. It’s just moving at a snail’s pace.”
What do you think about the future of mobile? Web apps winning? App stores surviving? Both native and web co-existing? Vote in the poll below.

My have the mighty fallen

Someone please explain this to me how can this happen? I'm just kidding we all know how it happened.....

Former NBA star Antoine Walker isn't afraid to walk into the belly of the beast -- he was arrested at a casino Wednesday night despite a warrant out for his arrest ... over alleged gambling debts.

Walker was popped at a Harrah's Casino in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada and later released on $135,000 bond. He allegedly owes $822,000 in gambling debts and faces three felony counts of writing bad checks.

He's due in Las Vegas Justice Court on Monday.


The guy who allegedly sold the gun that killed Steve McNair-- a man named Adrian J. Gilliam Jr. -- has been arrested by ATF agents in Nashville, Tenn.

McNair's mistress,
Sahel Kazemi, bought the gun on July 2 -- two days before she murdered Steve and then killed herself.

Prosecutors are expected to announce the charges against Gilliam this afternoon.

UPDATE: Gilliam has been charged with illegally possessing a firearm. A big no-no for the convicted felon.

Gilliam was convicted of murder and attempted armed robbery in 1993.

Katt Williams files for Bankruptcy

Comedian gave out about $29,000 to audience, club owner says

Even a standup comedian can use a good prop, and Katt Williams had one of the best — a briefcase stuffed with cash.

While he cracked jokes at the Laugh Factory on Sunday night, the comedian with a taste for fedoras and wide lapels worked the audience, handing out $100 bills to everybody. In all, the comedian handed out about $29,000, Laugh Factory owner Jamie said.

“You should have seen it,” Masada said. “Some people were crying. They came to see the show and they got $100.”

Williams’ manager didn’t immediately respond to an e-mail Tuesday, but Masada said the comedian told the audience he hadn’t forgotten his roots and wanted to thank his loyal audience.

Williams appeared with Ice Cube and Tracy Morgan in this year’s “First Sunday.” He has hosted BET’s annual Hip Hop Awards since its first broadcast in 2006.

Damn Katt I thought you invested your money right....*tsk *tsk*

Court knew man jailed for a year for non-support was not child's father

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
7:13 p.m. Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frank Hatley has languished in a South Georgia jail for more than a year.
The reason? He failed to reimburse the state for all the public assistance his “son” received over the past two decades.
The problem? Hatley is not the biological father -- and a special assistant state attorney general and a judge knew it but jailed Hatley anyway.
“I feel bad for the man,” Cook County Sheriff Johnny Daughtrey said Tuesday. “Put yourself in that man’s shoes: If it wasn’t your child, would you want to be paying child support for him?”

Daughtrey said he hopes a hearing Wednesday will resolve the matter. Hatley has been held at the county jail in Adel since June 25, 2008, costing the county an estimated $35 to $40 a day.
Even after learning he was not the father, Hatley paid thousands of dollars the state said he owed for support. After losing his job and becoming homeless, he still made payments out of his unemployment benefits.
Hatley’s lawyer, Sarah Geraghty of the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta, said two independent DNA tests -- one nine years ago and one just a few days ago -- prove he is not the biological father.

“This is a case of excessive zeal to recover money trumping common sense,” she said. “What possible legitimate reason can the state have to pursue Mr. Hatley for child support when he does not have any children?”
It may be difficult for Hatley to get out from under the court order, said Atlanta family lawyer Randall Kessler, who is not associated with the case. “It’s definitely unfair,” Kessler said. “But at the same time, he’s dealing with a valid court order.”
Russ Willard, a spokesman for the state attorney general, said if Hatley can show at the hearing that he is indigent, the state will not oppose his release.

Willard said Hatley could have applied to the state Office of Child Support Services to request that he be relieved of his obligations. He said Hatley has not made such a request.
According to court filings, Hatley was never told that he could have a court-appointed lawyer if he could not afford one. Geraghty said she only recently took on Hatley as a client after the sheriff asked her to talk to Hatley about his predicament.

Geraghty said Hatley had paid a total of $9,524.05 in support since April 1995, but records of payments before that time are not available.
In the 1980s, Hatley had a relationship with Essie Lee Morrison, who became pregnant, had a baby boy and told Hatley the child was his, according to court records. The couple never married and split up shortly after Travon was born in 1987.
In 1989, Morrison applied for public assistance through the state Department of Human Resources. The state then moved to get Hatley to reimburse the cost of Travon’s support, and Hatley agreed because he believed Travon was his son.
But in 2000, DNA samples from Hatley and Travon showed the two were not related, according to a court records.

With the help of a Georgia Legal Services lawyer, Hatley went to court and was relieved of his responsibility to pay future child support. But he still had to deal with being a deadbeat dad when it was assumed that he was really the dad.
Homerville lawyer Charles Reddick, working as a special assistant state attorney general, prepared an order requiring Hatley to pay the $16,398 he still owed the state for child support.
The Aug. 21, 2001 order, signed by Cook County Superior Court Judge Dane Perkins, acknowledges that Hatley was not Travon’s father.

After that, Hatley paid almost $6,000. But last year he was laid off from his job unloading charcoal grills from shipping containers. He became homeless and lived in his car. Still, Hatley made some child support payments using his unemployment benefits.
By May 2008, he apparently had not paid enough. In another order prepared by Reddick and signed by Perkins, Hatley was found in contempt and jailed. When he is released, the order said, Hatley must continue making payments to the state at a rate of $250 a month.

Wow not sure what to say but the Court System is flawed but we all already know that.

Students Build Hydrogen Vehicle

Turkish students at Sakarya University have built a hydrogen car that gets 1,336 mpg. Well, sorta.

Called the SAHİMO, the vehicle’s current range is about 353 miles on a quarter gallon of fuel (568 kilometers on 1 liter). It travels such an obscene distance with so little fuel due to the vehicle’s uber-light weight: it weighs only 240 pounds (110 kilograms). The car’s made up of 90-percent carbon fiber.

I assume the size and weight limit it to holding only a liter of fuel. I couldn’t verify this as their site is in Turkish and mine is a little rusty.

The SAHMO won third most efficient vehicle in Europe’s 26th Shell Eco Marathon. And their next goal is to conquer the inaugural 2009 Global Green Challengee–an evolution of the World Solar Challenge competition in Australia–this October. About twenty electric, hybrid, alternative fuel and low emission production and prototype vehicles will compete in the race.

Melemez, a fourth-year student in the engineering department at Sakarya University, says “We are hoping to raise our record from 568 kilometers on one liter of hydrogen up to a full 1,000 kilometers on one liter, and we believe we can do it.”

A 3,000 kilometer trek across the Australian Outback on just 3 liters is quite ambitious but I really hope they can pull it off.

But before you think about running out and buying one, the car did cost $170,000 to build.

The 40-member group that developed the SAHIMO hydrogen car is the Sakarya University Advanced Technologies Implementation Group (SAITEM). Today’s Zaman reports that the team hopes to work on a non-piloted aircraft next and is already trying to get support from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).

My Treat to my Bloggers Enjoy-Fabolous- Loco's Way-

1. The Way “Intro” (Produced by Streetrunner)
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Download Link

Kelis has just filed her financials with the court, making her case to get support and baby expenses from estranged hubby Nas.

Kelis says from 11/08 to 4/09, her average monthly income was $21,616. Hardly poor, but way less than what she and Nas were pulling in while she was with him.

Kelis, who is ready to give birth, has some pretty hefty expenses -- $80,831 a month ... way more than she says she makes.

Kelis says she hasn't toured in a year and most of her income comes from her concerts.

Kelis says she spends $14,861 on her mortgage. Her nanny costs $3,500 a month. She spends $15,000 a month on entertainment, gifts and vacations -- not too shabby. And she says it cost $175 to have the "baby rug dry cleaned."

And there's this ... Kelis says she wants to buy "storage to bank the baby's blood when he is born. The banking is the collection and storage of the stem cells found in the baby's umbilical cord." It's used to treat 70 life-threatening diseases. It all costs $$$.

Max Payne 3 Coming Soon....!!

Just when we thought life was done torturing our old friend Max Payne (seriously though, when your name is Max Payne you’re kind of asking for it), Rockstar has announced his triumphant return, slated for this winter. Thinking back on the first two Max Payne games, it’s easy to just remember the extremely cheesy storyline and the fact that Max Payne – whose appearance was based on the story’s writer – looked more like a nerd than a hard-boiled detective. But let’s not forget it was also the game that invented “bullet time,” and was the first time gamers got to feel like they were actually in a Hollywood-style shootout.

There are virtually no details on what Max Payne 3 will entail, other than the fact that Rockstar Games has stated they are taking the series “in a new direction.” How so? Here’s the brief description of the storyline from the press release: “Since leaving the NYPD and New York itself behind, Max has drifted from bad to worse. Double-crossed and a long way from home, Max is now trapped in a city full of violence and bloodshed, using his weapons and instincts in a desperate search for the truth and a way out.”

We're pretty excited here because this time around the game is being developed by Rockstar Vancouver, the team that created Bully, and the first picture of Max Payne looks promising (Max has traded in his nerdy look for something decidedly more badass). Hopefully Rockstar can add some more depth to the gameplay, especially since “bullet time” has been done to death. If they can deliver anything that looks or plays like their other signature titles, we’ll put up with all the clichéd writing in the world.

I played and beat the first 2 Max Paynes and I must say the story is top notch. I look forward and will have more detail and personal opinions soon. I'll keep yall posted truth me.

Until Next Time Be Easy


World's Strongest ______

World's Strongest Vagina Discovered

A Russian woman has the world's strongest vagina it was declared today. Tatiata Kozhevnikova of Novosibirsk, aged 42, lifted a 33 pound glass ball using only her intimate muscles.
To get the world record for strongest vagina, the woman inserted a smaller ball into her lady bits and then hoisted a larger ball attached.
She has been exercising her musles for fifteen years after she felt her muscles were weak after delivering her last child.

The record was verified by Guinness Book of Records.

“After I had a child, my intimate muscles got unbelievably weak. I read books on Dao and learned that ancient women used to deal with this problem using wooden balls,” she said. “I looked around, saw a Murano glass ball and inserted it in my vagina. It took me ages to get it out!”
After finally getting the glass ball out Kozhevnikova developed a love to get a strong vagina. Now her exercising balls are all custom made.

She it does wonders for a person's sex life.

“It’s enough to exercise your vagina five minutes a day, ladies, and in just one week you’ll be able to give yourself and your man unforgettable pleasure in bed,” she says.
The process itself of keeping weight is very simple. Woman inserts a wooden egg in which a string (a cord) is put through in her vagina
This weight is fixed on this string.
The weight is kept by pelvis ligaments, buttocks and partly by vagina.
But I don’t advise you to repeat my result. It took many years to train. And in general it is enough to keep the muscles in tone for your health and sexual life. And you will always be sexy!

Inmate Knocked out for Insulting MJ DAMN!!!!

A inmate is suffering from a broken jaw after insulting recently deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson.


Inmate Attacked For Insulting Michael Jackson

MERCED (CBS) ― A inmate is suffering from a broken jaw after insulting recently deceased King of Pop Michael Jackson.

Deputies say 50-year-old inmate Jeffrey Salery attacked another inmate on Wednesday night after he "dissed" Michael Jackson, CBS station KOVR-TV reported.

Salery admitted to a correctional officer that he hit his fellow inmate because "he disrespected Michael Jackson."

The 21-year-old who was attacked is being treated at a Modesto area hospital for a broken jaw. What exactly the 21-year-old said is still unclear and the case is being investigated.

Salery was in custody on a narcotics charge. He will now have battery with great bodily injury charges added

Such a disgrace

When I first heard the news of MJ's death I was shocked like everyone else. As time went on I became increasingly angry with what was being said. Some of the things that angered me was the way that the press was announcing his death; Saying that he is dead...with Anna Nicole Smith they said that she passed away the same thing with Farrah Fawcett. Another thing was when I read an article that was saying that MJ is worth more dead than alive. Are you serious; you have got to be kidding me; then followed by someone saying that they cant wait to see what secrets that he is hiding. Now what really doesn't make any sense is the latest news about Debbie Rowe wanting custody of her kids, then that boy coming out saying that he lied and MJ never did anything to him; whats most shocking is the interview that Quincy Jones did.
I read that article and went through the roof. He was saying that MJ was doing heroine, and that he was lying about his skin condition followed by the fact that he claims that MJ didn't want to be black. I personally feel like telling that man to put a sock in it and go jump in a pig infested mud puddle. You were supposed to be his best friend; and here you are talking ill about him after his death. If you thought that he was lying about things and using drugs why didn't you say so from the very beginning; when they first announced his death. Another thing that makes no sense is what makes Quincy thinks that MJ was lying if he told everyone the exact same thing. Come on now we all know that fibbers have a hard time keeping their stories straight; so at some point his story would have changed. lets examine this whole lying about his skin condition; the weather man from Fox 2 news has the same exact condition as MJ. Several years ago his hands had some spots of black in them now as of today they are completely white. So going off Quincy's theory the weather man is lying as well?
What really grinds my gears is the fact that no one is taking into consideration how all this bad press is effecting his kids. All I see is vultures coming out to eat, ranging from his dad to Debbie Rowe. This woman has not raised her kids at all and here she comes wanting her kids. Lady they barely know you, then why would you want to separate the 3 kids anyways. Lets try something here how about you think about whats best for the kids rather than your self. I get the fact that she don't want her kids around Joe who would; but to take the kids from the one consistent woman in their lives is crazy.
We just all needs to realize that regardless of what we knew or didn't know about him he is still human and had flaws just like the rest. He had no privacy when he was alive so let him have it in death; we must also remember that even though he is not here to defend himself his kids are still here and they have to live with whats being said about their dad. I hope for MJ's soul that his kids don't become messed up in the head over whats being said about their dad; because if they do then people are going to blame it on MJ when in reality it was the media.

He knew Michael Jackson better than anyone (he says their souls were joined) -- now record producer Quincy Jones is speaking out about the singer's death ... and some of Jackson's "issues."

In an
interview with Details mag, Jones says Michael never accepted his race: "It's ridiculous, man! Chemical peels and all of it. And I don't understand it. But he obviously didn't want to be black ... You see his kids?"

Jones also reveals
Bubbles the chimp once bit a hole in his daughter's hand ... who knew?

oh wow say it isnt so

As law enforcement officials comb through medical records to determine who supplied and administered the anesthesia Propofol and other drugs to Michael Jackson,we've learned there may be a fail-safe way of getting at the truth.

It's no secret -- especially in a celebrity town like L.A. -- some doctors use pseudonyms for celebrity patients and sometimes their medical charts somehow get "lost." But we've learned most doctors leave an indelible footprint when it comes to treating patients.

Many doctors -- especially ones with big practices -- use medical software systems from MD Systems, NexTech and other companies. These companies provide the software that makes it easy to input billing data.

Doctors typically input the patient's name, billing amount, type of treatment, type of drugs prescribed and administered, and date of service. Here's the thing -- that data cannot be deleted from the server.

The system allows doctors to add other data like medical charts, and those things can be deleted. But if someone deletes that info, the software shows the name of the user who did it and the date it was done.

Bottom line -- the basic billing information will not go away.

As we reported days ago, law enforcement found Propofol inside Jackson's house. Propofol is an anesthesia, which should never be administered outside a hospital, and it's looking like that drug killed Jackson. If cops find who supplied it and who administered it, the docs could well be prosecuted for manslaughter.

And we all knew that something wasnt right