Improving Yourself, A Better You

Where do you look when you want to change yourself? Easy, we all should know the answer but do you really understand? Im proving yourself is a change you make to yourself to help you. I try everyday to improve on anything even if its a simple as cleaning up. I've always felt great when I push myself through life's simple task. Complaining is what we all do but I for one still will push through even though most wouldn't. Why complain when you won't even take action? Small improvements should be celebrated.....improvement is a good thing right? Breaking bad habits is also hard to do but not impossible. Most spend money on unnecessary items. I've been down that road once but never again my friends. Motivation is key first and foremost, and if you can't register this you have some issues with your "Star Player". Always have a "MO", you have to now and days and that's 100% real talk. Saving your money is a good one that still some people don't know hot to do properly. Stacking at least $1,000 dollars is mandatory. Save 70% and keep 30% is what I do. Staying true to yourself is the main thing. Most of all never give up. When you can finish something no matter the task don't wait just do it! No reason to procrastinate...Get It Done.